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We are inviting you and/or your company to join us as a Sponsor for the important and inspirational Do You Have M.E. Clinician Education & Public Awareness Campaign to directly address the immediate and long-term informational needs of medical physicians and the public with regard to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)., Long COVID and related post-infectious illness .

As you may know, M.E. is a serious, chronic complex illness with a broad array of neurological, muscular, metabolic, endocrine, autoimmune, cellular and connective tissue symptoms often triggered by infection (HHV-6, HSV-1, EBV, SARS, MERS, COVID-19, etc.). There are a staggering estimated 43+ million people in the United States alone who are exhibiting physical symptoms that may meet the diagnostic criteria for M.E. Costing the US economy an estimated $1 trillion annually in lost income and medical expenses. However, due to the lack of an FDA approved diagnostic test combined with a long-standing stigma and lack of physician education, an estimated 90% of people with M.E. remain undiagnosed. 


The Do You Have M.E.? Campaign is a health education and awareness campaign comprising a Continuing Medical Education event and a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for distribution across media (television, radio, print, outdoor & digital). 

The series of Continuing Medical Education events will start in early 2024 and educate primary care and specialist physicians. The audience will hear from prestigious national and local special guest speakers sharing enormous insights on cutting edge research, scientific innovation and experiential knowledge. The conference will include distributor booths for NGO’s, research centers and more. The PSA will run during and concurrent to the event with thoughtful distribution to reach everyone including our diverse and vulnerable populations. 

Now it is even more urgent for primary care and specialist physicians to be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to accurately and compassionately diagnose and manage M.E. By providing access to an early diagnosis and taking caring steps in the early phase - rather than going from doctor to doctor - we can dramatically decrease a person’s symptom severity and increase the likelihood of a recovery.                


You have the opportunity to place itself at the forefront of health, innovation and discovery by joining the Do You Have M.E. Campaign?

Join us.

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