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sponsor the Iceberg PSA

Your brand - regardless of industry, scope or demographic - will enormously benefit by aligning with us to address the urgent M.E. humanitarian crisis.


By supporting the efforts of this PSA to share life saving information with the public, you are exhibiting a moral core to your company. Together we must amplify this most vital message. 

Vast visibility will be required to make this campaign a success. Your brand will be along for the global ride!

We need sponsors like you to be able to share this message with the world. Your support can help to save lives. Join us in this global endeavor. 

To discuss further sponsorship tiers, collaboration and opportunity... please contact us here: 




Our Sponsors are inspiring. These organizations are dedicated to improving the lives of MILLIONS of people with M.E. This generous support makes the broad reach of this vital PSA campaign possible. 

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